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Natural and Organic Fabrics

You can be mindful in your fabric choices with our range of natural and organic fabrics. These natural fibres are derived from the planet rather than synthetic manufactured, so you can create with a clean conscience. Many of our natural and organic fabrics are also biodegradable, so they won’t create unnecessary waste. These field-to-loom fabrics are available with a downloadable certificate that signifies their organic origins. Keep your eye out for a green stamp to help you identify these fabrics.

Whether you're sewing a new dress or upholstering a chair, you can find the right fabric for your project.

Luxury Fabrics

Among our fabric selection, you’ll find premium silks and high-end cottons for your most extravagant projects.

Our fine silks are available in different weights with various properties and blends so that you can find the ideal silky fabric. Silk is renowned for its skin-loving properties, as it is non-irritating and non-abrasive, and leaves the skin full of moisture. Use our silks for sleepwear, bedding, lingerie, and other close-to-skin garments.

Cotton is a go-to fabric with an endless list of uses, from bandanas to jeans and even waterproof tablecloths.