"Greetings from Vinland" Original Artwork by A. Foll - Boujee Bandana

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Boujee Premium Bandana

Bandana Original artwork by Amyrose Foll - Beautiful Native American woman wrapped in grapes in reference to the Viking sagas of Vinland, and the land where the wild grapes grow south of the Great Lakes. 

  • Pima Ancestral Lawn Cotton or Silk Satin fabric options
  • 2.2oz 100% cotton
  • 2.5oz 100% silk satin
  • Beautiful hemmed edges
  • Handmade to order
  • Features prints exclusively designed by me

86°F wash, low tumble dry, iron at low heat only.

  • Wash At 86°F
  • Tumble 1
  • Low Heat

About the Artist:

Amyrose Foll resides on a farm in Virginia with her family. When not farming, she creates a range multimedia art from millenary to digital art. She believes Indigenous art doesn't have to fir into a "traditional" box, and that creative interpretations, and representation in white dominated fields is crucial. Many of her designs incorporate broad elements drawn from her Panawapskwei, and Alnôba heritage.

  Children's Bandana Adult Bandana Adult Large Bandana
Bandana Size
Children's Bandana
46 - 46 cm
18 - 18 "
Adult Bandana
57 - 57 cm
22.4 - 22.4 "
Adult Large Bandana
74 - 74 cm
29 - 29 "